May you have some spare time to review?

From: Lutz Donnerhacke <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 23:00:34 UTC
Hi everybody,

instead of adding some people, who will already do a lot of cooperative work
for others, to each of the reviews, I'd ask with a single message to the
list for some of your valuable time.

The whole project is about a better performance in natting (libalias).
Because there is a larger pile of mature code to rethink and redesign before
coming up with efficient data structures, the review is split in some
semantically coherent pieces. But it's all a single stacked review.

So if you had read up to this point, may you consider yourself as a reviewer.

 D30536 libalias: Switch to efficient data structure for incoming traffic 
 D30516 libalias: Switch to efficient data structure for outgoing traffic 
 D30582 libalias: Restructure - Finalize 
 D30581 libalias: Restructure - Use AliasRange instead of PORT_BASE 
 D30580 libalias: Restructure - Table for PPTP 
 D30575 libalias: Restructure - Group expire handling entries 
 D30574 libalias: Restructure - Group incoming links 
 D30573 libalias: Restructure - Cleanup and Use for links 
 D30572 libalias: Restructure - Outgoing search 
 D30571 libalias: Restructure - Cleanup _FindLinkIn 
 D30570 libalias: Restructure - Table for partially links 
 D30569 libalias: Restructure - Separate fully qualified search 
 D30568 libalias: Restructure - Common search terms 
 D30566 libalias: Promote per instance global variable timeStamp 
 D30277 libalias: tidy up housekeeping 
 D30587 libalias: Stats are unsigned

Thank you