Re: RFC: NFS trunking (multiple TCP connections for a mount

From: Peter Eriksson <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 09:11:04 UTC
> I don't understand how multiple TCP connections to the same
> server IP address will distribute the load across multiple network
> interfaces?
> I thought that lagg would have handled this?

A lagg typically keeps all data in a TCP stream on a specific lagg member (depending on how the lagg is set up, unless you select the “roundrobin” option in freebsd -  don’t do that unless you like out-of-order packets…)

Network equipment with laggs typically hash the IP streams over the lagg members based on MAC addresses (source&target), IP addresses (source&target) and port numbers. 

(We have been diagnosing a fun problem locally where we see packet losses/performance drops over our internal backbone network for certain combinations of odd/even IP addresses/port numbers when things pass certain SPB “routers” (which typically hash the streams over many “channels” between routers)… Fun fun. :-)

I think the multiple NFS TCP streams could make for some nice performance improvements in certain cases. And it would be a more generalisation of having multiple streams between two hosts - one-or-many over IPv4 and one-or-many over IPv6 at the same time. Windows SMB has a similar feature.

Just avoid the Linux NFS mounting deadlock issue with “down” servers please  :-)

- Peter