[Bug 256681] [route] Incorrect loopback route for aliases IP addresses

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 08:36:50 UTC

--- Comment #5 from Zhenlei Huang <zlei.huang@gmail.com> ---
> So in some cases, if the loopback route is disabled and the hardware/logical interface can not forward those packets destined for local, 'No route to host' should be generated.

Since release/8.1, a new feature 'IFCAP_LINKSTATE' was introduced, see [5] and
[6]. If an interface have 'IFCAP_LINKSTATE' capability, then the "link" state
should be checked before passing those packets to it.

I verified this feature on stable/12 and stable/13. The steps:
1. ifconfig vxlan0 create vxlanid 100 vxlanlocal 10.x.x.x vxlanremote 10.y.y.y
2. ifconfig vxlan0 inet
3. ifconfig vxlan0 inet alias
4. netstat -rnWf inet | grep 192.0.2
5. ping -c4
6. ping -c4
7. route delete
8. route delete
9. repeat step 4
10. ifconfig vxlan0 down && 

If create vxlan0 without vxlanid vxlanlocal and vxlanremote, then the link
state is not ready. If we delete the loopback route to and,
ping will response with 'No route to host'.


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