Re: net/realtek-re-kmod panics with debug kernel

From: Alex Dupre <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 07:16:00 UTC
Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Yesterday I compiled a kernel with all debug features in order to
> analyze some (probably unrelated) deadlock. Alas, with such features
> enabled, the machine panics at boot with:
>> _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursive mutex re0 0 if_re.c:7085
> I don't have full data now, but I can reproduce and try to get it, if
> it's useful.
> Is it worth opening a bug report?

Just to be sure, have you recompiled the kernel module with the same
sources as the new debug kernel?

If so, probably the best location to open a bug report might be here:

Alex Dupre