domain(9) reviews

From: Kyle Evans <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 19:34:03 UTC

I have a small series of domain reviews that I opened a while ago; I'd
like to push them out of my queue within the next week or so if
anyone's interested in reviewing them: - allow domains to probe for
availability, so that domains inherently tied to machine/vm features
(e.g. hvsock) can more cleanly not attach on non-HyperV guests - remove a race as a result of
loading a kmod that attaches a domain, making it safe to add a domain
after domainfinalize() and kill off that particular warning message on
boot - tracks protocols that have
fasttimo/slowtimo callbacks so that pfslowtimo() and pffasttimo() only
iterate over protocols actually known to have callbacks (very few)


Kyle Evans