FreeBSD 12.2 traffic not occurs onVXLAN

From: alfadev via freebsd-hackers <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 15:29:56 UTC
Hi, I successfully configured VXLAN tunnel between amd64 FreeBSD 11.2 to x64 Linux
But in FreeBSD 12.2 with below same configuration not works.
So What is tHe problem with FreeBSD 12.2 is it bug or any other thing?
Any help would be aooreciated..

My fully working tested configuration is:

FreeBSD 11.2 side:
physical interface: igb0
ifconfig vxlan4095 create vxlanid 4095 vxlanlocal vxlanremote inet

Linux side:
physical interfaces: eth0,eth1

ip link add name vxlan4095 type vxlan id 4095 remote local
ip link add name vbr0 type bridge
ip link set eth1 master vbr0
ip link set vxlan4095 master vbr0
ip link set vbr0 up

there is a client connected on eth1 and have IP :
http https , icmp .. traffic passes through between client and tunnel
eveything works well.