Re: New FreeBSD port ALSA to JACK MIDI, a2jmidid

From: Hans Petter Selasky <>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2022 17:41:50 UTC
Hi Goran,

On 3/3/22 18:27, Goran Mekić wrote:
> I'm wondering, if Jack2 get's MIDI support, why ALSA and not OSS?

Jack2 already has ALSA MIDI support, so integration would be easy. The 
OSS MIDI is not that advanced, from what I know, and would need a 
serious upgrade to support "server mode".

ALSA allows user-space to create virtual ports. The OSS sequencer 
support is not specified for this, so that leaves some black boxes to 
fill in. I thought we should not re-invent the wheel this time, and 
decided to move everything to user-space. This way we can also pick up 
/dev/sequencer if we want and provide it as a ALSA compatible device.

ALSA also has zero-latency. The events pass through as quick as possible.