Re: MIDI suggestions?

From: Tomasz CEDRO <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 03:03:01 UTC
I did a MIDI Modullar Controller once myself on 8-bit MCS51 MCU :-) :-)

MIDI uses UART frames with some strange bitrate (~23k I dont remember
exactly sorry) and current interface unlike voltage one in pc serial port.
If you have MIDI-TO-USB adapter it may not be different from UART-TO-USB
adapter with some specific settings. There was a specification out there

MIDI frame contains "events" like key press note strength, knob number
value, etc.

But I never used MIDI on FreeBSD sorry. I still have the MIDI MC controller
but I gave away the MIDI-TO-USB adapter. I am sure that some device will
show up after you connect the adapter, then you can read the frames from
drvice and write frames to a device. Then you need some software that would
allow you to perform your tasks. You may even try to write your own tools
in Python for easy experimenting.

It should be even possible to use some USB-TO-UART (or better RS485 current
loop interface) with specific settings to talk MIDI.