[Bug 263385] Sound pops using Realtek ALC897 Intel Alder Lake.

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Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2022 05:42:32 UTC

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This just a "Me, too.", but maybe not quite the same.

I nave a Lenovo L-15 (Intel) with a CometLake processor (Comet Lake PCH-LP
cAVS). It sounds much like you are hearing.

I would not call them "pops". They sound more like very brief (maybe a tenth of
a second or less) that happen pretty regularly like there is a buffer underflow

It reminds my of about 20 years ago with clocking issue. It was playing the
audio faster than the proper bit rate. Unfortunately, I don't recall details.
It is possible that it may have even been on my old Sun SPARCstation 1, though
I think it was more likely on an Intel laptop.

In any case, it this is the same issue, it is not specific to the ALC897.

While I'm happy to try things and test, I am moving in less than  week, so may
be rather slow in responding.

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