Re: Update Kdenlive Pkg for ffplay dependency

From: Adriaan de Groot <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 20:13:29 UTC
On Monday, 18 October 2021 18:22:04 CEST Aaron S wrote:
> Wanted to ask if on the next build we could update the kdenlive pkg to
> include the ffplay dependency? You can get this if you port it, but the pkg
> lacks this and kdenlive throws a message when you boot it. Thank you!

Hi! It took me some time to understand this -- there is no option in kdenlive 
for ffplay, for one thing. Turns out that multimedia/ffmpeg has an option, 
*SDL*, which is off by default. This option enables -- among other things -- 
ffplay. So I'm CC'ing the maintainer of multimedia/ffmpeg with this.

multimedia/kdenlive (ports in general) cannot depend on specific options in 
other ports -- not until subpackages arrive will that be possible at all. At 
that point, it **may** be possible to build multimedia/ffmpeg with all the 
options and depend on specific ones from multimedia/kdenlive.

In short: this is something the ffmpeg packagers might be able to solve; on 
the kdenlive side right now the best we could do is suppress the message.