EdgeRouter 4 does not boot

From: Denis Ovsienko <denis_at_ovsienko.info>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:10:16 UTC
Hello list.

Besides confirming an existing ERLite-3 (E100) bug report in the
previous message, let me also post some results from ER-4 (E300), which
runs on CN7130 CPU.

I had tried the same 13.0-p3 image, and the kernel refused the hardware
in the first place (the boot log is attached). I thought it could be
just a matter of changing the build config from OCTEON_CN50XX_PASS1 to
the value that corresponds to CN7130, but it turns out the source code
is not aware of the CN7000 series at all. It only has a notion of
CNF71XX, which is a different hardware (Fusion).

For clarity, I had tried this mostly out of curiosity, so I did not
even open a feature request. That said, ER-4 is a nice hardware as far
as MIPS machines go, so in case anyone wants to run a test build of
FreeBSD on it, let me know and it can be arranged.


    Denis Ovsienko