[Bug 257962] java/openjdk16 crashes while trying to run Minecraft server

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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 20:56:38 UTC

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Look at the stacktrace:
> C  [sqlite-3.34.0-c8b10b78-595a-47b8-8c97-c88cc41a3e0a-libsqlitejdbc.so+0xc2a5]  Java_org_sqlite_core_NativeDB__1exec_1utf8+0x145

It is highly likely that this is a SQLite JDBC problem. What to do:
1. Use the latest version of the driver
2. Compiler the driver C shim to libsqlite3 yourself since the bundled one is
build with Docker on FreeBSD 9 with GCC.
3. Retry

There are several open tickets on GitHub where I have commented to compile on
FreeBSD. It works with a single command line.

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