How to Force Packet Traversal Order (IPFW2 => PF)

From: alfadev via freebsd-ipfw <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 11:40:03 UTC
I have to use both IPFW and PF sametime in my freebsd 12.2 gateway

According to my observations firewalls are following this order all of my scenarios PF => IPFW2. I see this exactly When i use PF's route-to option . When i create Load-Balancing rule using PF's route-to, packets not entering into IPFW. So when i made PBR, IPFW rules like mac based piping, bandwidth, captive portal etc. does not works.
So that
i am trying to do this order:
input => ipfw => pf

but i think i cannot change this order without touching kernel level .
when i made some research i found [this](

IPFW and PF startup order definitions are in this files



I have not sufficient skills to editing kernel level files
and tried instructions below but i couldn't changed that order.

I am stuck on this for weeks my mind gonna blow
Any help would be appreciated at this point..