is there a way to Port DragonflyBSD's IPFW3 to FreeBSD

From: alfadev via freebsd-hackers <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 13:05:17 UTC
I am planning to move on IPFW from PF i have mentioned why in this[topic.](

DragonflyBSD's IPFW3 has below pros which are IPFW2 has not

forward-option can be `round-robin' or `sticky'.


ipfw3 add forward, round-robin tcp from ....

Above example can forward the traffic to 2 destination in round-robin.

2)States can be added/deleted using the ipfw3 utility.


ipfw3 state delete rulenum

3)States can be expire after some time


ipfw3 state add rule 1000 udp expiry 600


These are some hard problems to me when i try to completely move on IPFW.
So is there a way to port IPFW3 to FreeBSD.
Thanks for any help and suggestions..