Re: Handbook/mirrors update

From: Klaus P. Ohrhallinger <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2022 11:14:54 UTC
On Fri, 2022-02-11 at 20:55 -0300, Danilo G. Baio wrote:
> Hi.
> The mirrors section in the Handbook has been updated [1]. We had
> before
> much stale information.
> Several mirrors were removed [2] from the list, either is not
> responding
> or redirecting (DNS) to the official mirrors, and links for each
> supported protocol were added to help users. In case of any error,
> please let us know.

Hello Danilo,

IPv6 was broken on our mirror ( but is fixed now and
included in the monitoring.
So could you please add the *_v6 links in the mirrors list ?

Also, we are running since about 10 years but still
have a weird dns setup through the dns servers of the former mirror

% host -t ns name server name server
% host -t ns name server name server name server
% host -t a has address
% host -t aaaa has IPv6 address 2001:858:58::47

Could you please delegate directly to our name servers and ? Zone is already added.

Thank you.

Best Regards, Klaus