Re: MLMMJ Mail Archives to Update Coverage on bit0 rsync

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 23:01:52 UTC
Hi, this is the Mlmmj program managing the <list> mailing list.
The message from <user> with subject <subject> was
unable to be delivered to the list because the list address
was not found in either the To: or CC: header.
(The denied message is below.)

That was result of Bcc: to a MLMMJ list.

Bcc: should probably be enabled on the lists to serve
the function of "send a copy to a secondary lists (Bcc:)
for interest and inclusion of parties, but don't expose
such secondary lists to further replies by those in
the primary lists (To: , Cc:) who blindly click 'reply all'
thus continuing beyond initial fyi inclusion purpose".
That could also help threads keep reference threading
headers as lists come in and out of conversations,
instead of breaking threads, originating new threads, etc.

Various mailman lists out there do seem to have
that capability enabled for that purpose,
perhaps it is a config option or could be added

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