Re: We would like to be an agent for FreeBSD in China

From: Joseph Mingrone <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 03:51:26 UTC
On Sat, 2021-12-04 at 15:26, Jiawei Fu at USTC LUG <> wrote:

> Hi Joe,

> I am from the maintenance team of, the mirror site
> at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

> Thank you for your prompt. I just checked all three links and
> confirmed that they're all accessible from mainland China.

> We're currently hosting an unofficial FreeBSD repository mirror (
> ), and from your website we learn
> that FreeBSD is not accepting new mirrors at this time, which was the
> primary reason we refrained from applying for one. Also, we'd like to
> note that a few years ago we declined Debian's CNAME for official
> mirrors (, for precisely
> regulatory reasons.

> By the way, in case of any misunderstanding, we do *not* know or have
> any affiliation with the original poster of this thread.

> Linux User Group
> University of Science and Technology of China
> Homepage:
> E-Mail:
> Jiawei Fu (付佳伟) <>

Hi Jiawei (付佳伟),

It's good to know those unofficial mirrors are accessible and that is available for Chinese FreeBSD
users as well.

I contacted the team that oversees our mirrors and they tentatively said
that if the regulatory hurdles could be overcome, an official Chinese
mirror is possible.  If this is something that your group is interested
in and equipped to handle, perhaps we could discuss details off-list.

Thank you kindly,