Re: We would like to be an agent for FreeBSD in China

From: Joseph Mingrone <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:50:15 UTC
[Sorry if you receive this twice. I sent the original from the wrong
address so it was blocked from the mailing lists.]

On Fri, 2021-12-03 at 19:07, kaik haven <> wrote:

> Hello!
> We call ourselves the "FreeBSD Chinese Community", a team from China, and
> we have been working to get more people to use FreeBSD in China. Of course,
> we have encountered a lot of problems, such as: Chinese users always have
> trouble installing FreeBSD on their computers, because there is no official
> mirror site, and the closest one to mainland China is in Taiwan, and we
> have no way to connect to an official mirror site for policy reasons; there
> is no official documentation in Chinese for users to review, and the
> website for the official Chinese documentation translation project is There
> is no official Chinese documentation available to users, and the official
> Chinese documentation translation project website is inaccessible and
> unmanaged; there is no unified mainland China user group or foundation to
> help mainland FreeBSD users. We have contacted you and the University of
> Science and Technology of China LUG has offered to mirror FreeBSD and be
> one of the official mirror sites, but in the end, no one cared and it went
> away.
> Also, we would like to be an agent for FreeBSD in China and contribute to
> the FreeBSD open source community by providing mirror sites, Chinese
> documentation translations, etc. for Chinese FreeBSD users in China.


Thank for the update on the "FreeBSD Chinese Community".  We certainly
appreciate any efforts to promote FreeBSD in China.

There are official Chinese translations of the main page, the Handbook,
and other documentation, however I am not able to gauge the quality.

We welcome translation updates.  For anyone able and interested in
contributing to documentation translation, here is a resource:

Are you saying that all these page are inaccessible from mainland China?

Apologies if past queries were missed about hosing a FreeBSD mirror site
at University of Science and Technology.  We certainly care and if that
would improve the situation for Chinese users it's very welcome.

How can we help with that?