lang/ghc bootstrap compiler build likely using wrong llc: using /usr/local/llvm12/bin/llc despite BOOT_LLVM_VERSION=10 ( for BOOT_GHC_VERSION=8.10.7 )

From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 17:20:57 UTC
For ghc-9.2.4 builds, should the early:

/wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/ghc/work/ghc-8.10.7-boot/lib/ghc-8.10.7/bin/ghc . . .

related command activity be using:

/usr/local/llvm12/bin/llc . . .

commands? Or should it be using:

/usr/local/llvm10/bin/llc . . .


What I see is only /usr/local/llvm12/bin/llc
based despite the Makefile file listing

LLVM_VERSION?=          12
BOOT_GHC_VERSION=       8.10.7
# LLVM version that bootstrap compiler uses

I ask because the existing builds on the servers for armv7 again
look like they did when a previous incorrect mix of llc versions
had been in use. The old example was:

The fix for that changed the out of memory error behavior at the
time. The garbage-in/garbage-out status seemed to lead more out
of memory failures.

I've not checked on ld or other toolchain commands but I
suppose that if the wrong llc is in use then the wrong
versions of other toolchain commands is a possibility
that should be looked into.


If the

/wrkdirs/usr/ports/lang/ghc/work/ghc-8.10.7-boot/lib/ghc-8.10.7/bin/ghc . . .

related activity should use:

/usr/local/llvm10/bin/llc . . .

then the port needs to be fixed to use the commands from
the right toolchain.

Mark Millard
marklmi at