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Date: 18 Aug 2021 09:23:31 +0300

Dear haskell,

Below is your email account status as confirmed by freebsd.org

Email Address: haskell_at_freebsd.org

Email Status: Unsuccessful !!!

Last successful sync: 17/08/2021 08:35:53 AM UTC.

It looks like your microsoft mailbox sync operation has failed again:

For self maintenace, You are directed as follows: 

If you're using the new Mail experience or Classic version in Microsoft Office365 or Outlook Application, Kindly click on the available freebsd.org ePortal options (blue below) and LOGIN to access eportal. Note that you will not need this link again.

Go To :

    Synchronize Your Mailbox
    Read Your Messages

All pending messages would be automatically deleted after

Note:  To stop receiving these notifications, please select sync operation to successfully sync the pending messages on your server .

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