Cryptocurrency, FreeBSD, and on Phones could all Benefit Together [was: poor documentation]

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 04:42:22 UTC
[re was: Well, no entity in the world has ever made perfect
docs that cover or teach everyone everything, not possible :)
And FreeBSD has recently been making some good major
updates across its entire documentation space.]

And now there are some new possibilities that some entities
are beginning to embrace to see what works...

FreeBSD has the power to serve cryptocurrency nodes to the world.
Indeed, it serves up some crypto nodes, some crypto corporations
run on it, some crypto client software is run by crypto users on it, etc.

So if FreeBSD community would like to improve documentation,
hardware support, desktop, features, consultancy services,
educational and howto media channels, and more...

Perhaps they could consider for some things there...

- Posting up on the worldwide crypto job boards.
- Running crowdfunds, prediction markets, bounties.
- Setting aside some portion for a crypto endowment.
- Enabling crypto donations, sponsorship, referrals, etc.

There are a lot of potential crypto funders out there who like opensource
but can't send tips and sponsorship to FreeBSD and community because
they still don't accept crypto.

Reaching out to and engaging with the crypto world, porting all the
popular crypto coins client software to FreeBSD, getting mutual
awareness adoption and cross-marketing going between FreeBSD
and the Crypto Scene, can all help bring new resources and ideas
and users into some of the areas you seek to address.

Those job boards could even yield a new job in the crypto space,
then you could donate part of your pay to those working on FreeBSD
in the form of cryptocurrency.

Partnering with the crypto community could also be perhaps
the fastest way to fund getting FreeBSD ported and running as
the OS on an opensource crypto phone. A lot of the Crypto
Scene don't really trust their Google'd Apple'd OS as a good idea
on their crypto phones and are looking for an alternative OS,
especially given devices like PinePhone, Librem, etc are coming out.

Take a look at how hardware and software and the crypto scenes
are coming together to accomplish things. And at how entities
and non-profits, and individuals are accepting and using crypto.

Consider recognizing the advent and power of cryptocurrency and
working that greenfield to build mutually beneficial ecosystems.

After all, cryptocurrency is the future, and those who are integrating
some of its models would be well positioned to prosper in that future.

Happy hacking :)

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