Re: M2 NVME support

From: <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 08:09:58 UTC

Thank you so much mates for all your opinions and contributions. Perhaps
enterprise wide for using NVME drivers, the most used format is really
de U2. I assume it's just one of the form factors of NVME standard
but... any issues with it mates?. 


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> Hi!, 
> We are in the process of buying new hardware for use with FreeBSD and ZFS. We are planning whether to buy M2 NVME disks or just SATA SSD disks (probably Samsung PM* ones). How is you experience with them?. Do you recommend one over the another?. Is perhaps better support from some of them from a specificic version to newer?. Or do they perhaps work better with some specific disk controller?. 
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