Re: M2 NVME support

From: Thierry Thomas <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2023 11:35:52 UTC
Le jeu. 13 avr. 23 à 13:25:36 +0200, <>
 écrivait :

> Hi!, 


> We are in the process of buying new hardware for use with FreeBSD and
> ZFS. We are planning whether to buy M2 NVME disks or just SATA SSD disks
> (probably Samsung PM* ones). How is you experience with them?. Do you
> recommend one over the another?. Is perhaps better support from some of
> them from a specificic version to newer?. Or do they perhaps work better
> with some specific disk controller?. 

I have a bad experience, the problem seems to be caused by the driver.

See <>.

Th. Thomas.