Re: what's the Correct git update method keeping local changes

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2023 10:52:32 UTC
* Pat Maddox <> [20230328 03:37]:
> On Tue, Mar 28, 2023, at 1:39 AM, Warner Losh wrote:
> >
> > I use the rebase workflow for pending ports commit work.
> Most of the replies say something similar. What are people’s experiences with poudriere overlay dire?

Overlays are a completely different approach for "local changes" and
independent from the SCM used (currently git).

My 2¢: I'd say using local git branches is much more flexible and fits
my personal workflow best, as I can just cherry-pick to actually commit
something or put it up for review on phab. If I would use overlays
locally, I'd have to manually copy over code.

IMHO, a good usecase for overlays is if you need some shared staging
area for a team, very much like the libreoffice team uses it.

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