Re: User-Agent: and In-Reply-To:

From: Peter <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 14:04:31 UTC
Quoting Graham Perrin <>:

>    <p>Not to start a long debate (or rant), I'm curious. <br>
>    </p>
>    <p>Mark, Peter, please: what do you use to send email? <br>

sendmail. ;)

>    </p>
>    <p>A recent discussion is split across twelve threads; screenshot
>      attached.=C2=A0</p>

This is probably because I currently have to create answers from
scratch. List postings are received here by a technical account
and sorted into a database where messages are decent to read.

With the old listserver it was possible to reply to them by simply
adding the technical account as the Sender: address. The new "mimi"
software does not accept this construct.

I will occasionally figure out a better solution, to properly present
mails that contain crypto/base64/webpages/whatever, and also to enable
direct replies again - but for now this not high on my priorities
list, as most people on the list tend to Cc: to the personal mail
address anyway, and then References: and In-Reply-To: should get