Re: Periodic rant about SCHED_ULE

From: George Mitchell <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 19:05:56 UTC
On 3/25/23 11:47, Peter wrote:
> Quoting George Mitchell <>:
>> Thank you!                                             -- George
> You're welcome. Can I get a success/failure report?
> [...]
Thanks for your help.  Regretfully, I have to report that the patch
did not really help in my case (make buildworld while running dnetc).
But I have belatedly realized that it's a really good idea to use
make -j12 to build kernels and the world.  With 4BSD and dnetc
running, I can now buildworld in 3512 seconds (down from 20477), and
with ULE in 14193 seconds (down from 50290).  Peter's patch got it
down to 13755 seconds.

Also, I have to belatedly admit that my snarky March 23 message to
Mark Millard (claiming that all you had to do to run dnetc was to
type "service dnetc start") omitted the necessity of doing some
first run configuration.  I apologize.                     -- George