...tales of lost ENs.

From: David E. Cross <david_at_crossfamilyweb.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 17:54:11 UTC
So, many (many) months ago I complained about 'missing' ENs.

I was then told that no EN had ever been filed (which since I was asking 
about bug reports I had seen listed by other people never occurred to me 
that it hadn't been done).

I then submitted 3 ENs (date on the files is Aug 30, 2022)

Then yet another person commented about one of those bugs in a new 
release (12.x) that never got fixed.

I then posted all 3 ENs, this time publically.

I have not seen any mention of these; how do I nudge these along?  
(re-attached for visibility, they are out of date since at least one now 
affects 12.x because it sat so long)