Which fonts have lesser-used UTF-8 characters?

From: George Mitchell <george+freebsd_at_m5p.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 02:59:19 UTC
For instance, I'm happy to report that Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold,
which I use in xfce4-terminal, has such relative oddities as ⇒ (U+21d2,
rightward double arrow) and ≡ (U+2261, identical to), as well as U+23b5,
bottom square bracket -- which isn't in the Fixed Width font in which I
am composing this email.  But how would I find a font that has, let's
say, U+1d4db, mathematical bold script capital L?  Is there a font
character search tool that knows UTF-8 code points?         -- George