reboot(8) and shutdown(8) (was: My current FreeBSD installation does not take care at all of the /boot/loader.conf's commented lines.)

From: Graham Perrin <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2023 10:49:26 UTC
On 11/01/2023 22:57, Mario Marietto wrote:

> … some different reason …


Please recall 
<>, around 
two weeks ago.

It seems that sometimes, your approach to rebooting or restarting is not 
as thorough as it should be.

If, for example, you run this command:

reboot -r

– this is insufficient.

The manual page for bectl(8) does use the word reboot, however not all 
types of reboot will effectively boot from the required environment. And 
so on.

Please be aware of the differences between reboot(8) and shutdown (8).

If your desktop environment offers a restart option, then this option 
will probably do what's required.

If not using a desktop environment, then the command below should be good:

shutdown -r now