Syscalls: eventfd and timerfd

From: Jake Freeland <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 23:21:42 UTC
Hi there,

I am currently working on moving the linux_compat implementation of
timerfd (in sys/compat/linux/linux_event.c) into its own FreeBSD syscall
similar to what was done for eventfd. This is my first time implementing
a syscall, so I have been following the eventfd implementation as a
reference. I noticed that the eventfd syscall entries are absent from
sys/kern/syscalls.master and I am not sure why. Was eventfd never
formally added as a syscall entry or am I missing something? I was
planning on adding timerfd entries to syscalls.master, but now I am
unsure how to proceed.

I apologize for my ignorance. This process is new to me.

Thank you,
Jake Freeland