From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 12:41:07 UTC
On 29/04/23 14:06, Mario Marietto wrote:
> Hello.
> I do the smapshots of the bhyve vms simply by copying the img file with 
> the cp command. What the "internal" function added by the developers add 
> to what I already do ?

As explained in my message this "snapshot" functionality allows 
snapshotting live machines, keeping their state and RAM, allowing for a 
"live and running" VM to be suspended and restarted at a later time, 
maybe even on another physical machine.

I don't know the details, it is quite possible that to move to another 
physical machine some  extra requirements apply, like, for example, 
having the very same CPU model, or a very similar one.

Guido Falsi <>