Re: Fwd: Interacting with PAM issues

From: Mikhail Zakharov <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 18:00:57 UTC
Hello Felix,

The port is the thing to do, but for now I've made a noteĀ  and a 
reference to your selfauth-helper in the readme:



On 4/26/2023 7:50 PM, Felix Palmen wrote:

> * Mikhail Zakharov <> [20230426 08:25]:
>> FWD to record the solution in the history of the maillist.
>> Exactly what is required, for the exact mentioned purpose of a terminal
>> screenlocker application: Thank you
>> again!
> If you create a port of it, consider adding a run dependency to my
> little helper and providing a PAM service policy calling it, example is
> in the manpage of the port :) (some screen lockers already do that)
> Note I consider this whole thing a bug (just like LinuxPAM's workaround
> is a bug), but the "sane" solution, providing some authentication
> service for the local passwd database that pam_unix could use, would be
> a *lot* of work ...