Current status of the openPOWERLINK idea?

From: David Robertsson <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 13:52:45 UTC
Noticed openPowerlink was added to the ideas page, is there someone out
there already working on this?

Otherwise this would be something that is aligned with my personal
interests to work on.

Not sure what the best path forward is.

The OpenPowerlink "stack" today has two options as for Linux (afaik).

1. Userspace daemon with the help of LibPcap.
2. kernel driver that unloads the driver from a network card and then uses
it for communication with powerlink gear.

I have been using OpenPowerlink myself since 2014 in a Linux environment,
and I'm not so sure the option 2 is desired.

To build the code, it assumes that you know what gear it is you want to
communicate with.
So from a list of gear that the user has "setup" you then import that list
into openConfigurator to generate a mnobd.cdc and a xap.h file. This is
then used to broadcast the binary to all the powerlink devices on the
network. The xap.h file contains a struct describing the devices - for
example in which order the digital input & output modules are connected to
every brain module (control node).

One idea I have; is to try to make a port of the userspace daemon or
perhaps try to make a standalone lib that can be used in any project that
aims to run a powerlink control / master node on FreeBSD.

What do you all think?
Best regards