poudriere-image(8): Cannot boot from a zrawdisk image type

From: Faraz Vahedi <kfv_at_kfv.io>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2022 20:16:22 UTC
Greetings hackers,

I am trying to boot from an image produced the following way:

    poudriere image -j dev -h test -n test -w 4g -s 20g -t zrawdisk

But I am getting into:

    Trying to mount root from zfs:testroot/ROOT/default []...
    Mounting from zfs:testroot/ROOT/default failed with error 45; retrying for 3 more seconds
    Mounting from zfs:testroot/ROOT/default failed with error 45.

    Loader variables:

    Manual root filesystem specification:
      <fstype>:<device> [options]
          Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype>
          and with the specified (optional) option list.

        eg. ufs:/dev/da0s1a
            cd9660:/dev/cd0 ro
              (which is equivalent to: mount -t cd9660 -o ro /dev/cd0 /)

      ?               List valid disk boot devices
      .               Yield 1 second (for background tasks)
      <empty line>    Abort manual input


Any idea? I appreciate any help.