Sysctl Undoc Problem [was: vfs.nfsd.tcphighwater]

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 19:56:47 UTC
> the lack of documentation leaves me wondering what to do
> ...
> Then there's no indication of what value should be reasonable. In fact it's not even clear what unit we are talking about (bytes? kB? some unspecified count?).
> If vfs.nfsd.tcphighwater had a starting value I could think about doubling it, raising it tenfold or whatever; alas it's default value is 0.
> Some forums show people used some apparently random value like 300000, while admitting they had no idea what they were doing.

Too many undoc sysctl exist.
No one should be allowed to commit a new sysctl
without documenting its rationale and usage
in the same commit, to respective doc files.
Existing should be surveyed and reformed.
Beneficial thing is sysctl could be made programmatic enough
to collate all of them into a table denoting documentation
element checkmarks for each, distribute doc effort to subgroups,
etc. Maybe some effort already exist to do this.