Re: Please advice on applying GSoC

From: Soichiro Ueda <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 12:57:34 UTC
Hi Joe.

Thanks for the reply! I'll look over the PR Database.


On 2022/03/22 6:20, Joseph Mingrone wrote:
> Hello!
> On Mon, 2022-03-21 at 12:49, Soichiro Ueda <> wrote:
>> Hi! I'm Soichiro Ueda, a university student from Japan.
>> I'm thinking of participate in GSoC. I'm interested in the idea of eBPF XDP Hooks.
>> Before submitting a proposal, I'm planning to send a patch to understand the source code of FreeBSD, and the idea.
>> But I'm wondering what tasks should I tackle. Do you have any ideas?
> We have an article about contributing to FreeBSD at
> or in Japanese at
> .  Perhaps the most
> useful point for you would be '1.3. Work through the PR Database'.
> To get FreeBSD set up, the FreeBSD Handbook will also be useful.
> or
>> Biography
>> I'm a junior in Kyoto University. I major in Compurter Scienece.
>> I've worked for some internships as a software engineer. Now I work in a startup, developing a SaaS which automates quotation work in international logistics.
>> Talking about experiences related to this GSoC project,
>> I've developed a NIC driver from scratch for MikanOS, which is an operating system targeting x86_64 for people who learn operating system development.
>> I've implemented protocols of Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP for MikanOS, and I've successed to send ping requests to servers in the Internet and receive responses.
>> I've made a processor using Verilog and FPGA for practical in the university.
>> Now I learn operating systems by reimplementing MikanOS.
>> MikanOS:
>> My work of MikanOS network:
> Thanks for your interest.  If you have problems getting started, please
> don't hesitate to ask more questions.
> Joe