Providing base OpenSSL *.pc files needed

From: Tomoaki AOKI <>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2022 14:16:22 UTC
Can someone look into Bug 257659 [1]?

I've encountered Bug 262569 [2].

ports git d4c9792fda7f introduced LIB_DEPENDS with
security/openssl, maybe because security/tpm2-tss
3.2.0 hesitates to build without *.pc of OpenSSL.

This causes ports depending on base OpenSSL to fail,
even on fetch.

Putting partially modified *.pc files of security/openssl I've
uploaded on Bug 257659 into /usr/libdata/pkgconfig, applying
the patch I've uploaded on Bug 262569 and deinstalling
security/openssl allowed me to build security/tpm2-tss, updating
ports depending on base OpenSSL to succeed.

 */usr/ports/Mk/ defaults to base unless
  any ports one is already installed or manually specified via
  DEFAULT_VERSIONS. And /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/ disallows
  coexistence of ports build against base OpenSSL and against
  ports security/openssl*.



Tomoaki AOKI    <>