Re: AR9462 still not working properly

From: Jason Bacon <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 12:51:55 UTC
On 3/16/22 07:06, Daniel Cervus wrote:
> Hello, everyone. I have been using Dell 1901 (AR9462) wireless card 
> since release 12.2, but minor problems keep occuring. For example, it 
> cannot be recognized in bsdconfig, when not connected to networks, error 
> message “Failed to add operating class IE” repeates. I remembered 
> someone has told me that he would deal with that.
> Now, I have done a brand-new installation of 12.3. But bsdinstall still 
> had diffculty in scanning Wi-Fis, and after I had tried a few times, no 
> Wi-Fi could be found at all. How to deal with this? I have put up a PR 
> about that. I’m sorry for that I may have described the problem 
> unclearly there. And is there any information I need to provide?

Is there a problem with 13.x (or even 14) on this machine?  While 12.x 
is fully supported and will receive all security fixes, it won't see 
much in the way of new driver development.

If you need a stop-gap solution, I've had good experiences with Edimax 
USB WiFi dongles, e.g.: 
  I used them on a Lenovo until the native driver was developed, and on 
Macs with Broadcomm WiFi that's a pain if it works at all.

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