FreeBSD 12.4: EFI: geli + UFS won't boot - fix available

From: Andreas Kempe <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 02:59:34 UTC
Hello everyone,

I updated my laptop running geli + UFS to FreeBSD 12.4 and this
prevented my computer from booting. Booting failed with the EFI loader
not finding my boot disk. Since I can't recall when I last updated my
EFI loader, it might have broken before 12.4.

Searching the bugtracker, I found bug [1] which seemed relevant so I
cherry-picked e417249016efcca73c9edad21b94b1315bc44601 to releng/12.4
and it applied cleanly without any conflict. After the cherry-pick,
the loader would once again boot my system.

Would it be possible to get this fix imported to the releng/12.4

Best regards,
Andreas Kempe