Re: kernel crash making a vlan on a wlan

From: Marek Zarychta <>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2022 20:28:59 UTC
W dniu 23.04.2022 o 22:11, Craig Leres pisze:
> On 4/23/22 11:12, Craig Leres wrote:
>> I am able to reproduce the crash with 13.1-RC4.
> I'm also able to reproduce the crash on 12.3-RELEASE-p5. It seems wlan0 
> is part of the recipe, I tried vlans_em0="vlan0" first but was not able 
> to induce a crash.
>          Craig

I am curious what is this WiFi hardware that supports 802.1q tagging 
over the air? Could you please reveal this?

That's rather not a bug when you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Marek Zarychta