kernel crash making a vlan on a wlan

From: Jeff Anton <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2022 17:46:31 UTC
A few days ago I tried setting up a vlan for a wlan on a non-critical 
13.0 amd64 (Atom processor) machine and it crashed hard. And because I 
set it up in the rc.conf it loop crashed and eventually would not boot 
and standalone fsck could not repair the filesystem and it would not 
even get past the btx loader so that machine is out of action. It was 
taking kernel dumps but to the same corrupt root fs. Sigh.

What I can remember from the crash report was the process was ifconfig 
and there were calls to like wlan_ioctl and other ioctl's on the stack.

I probably set something like the following in rc.conf

create_args_vlan0="vlan 1234"
route_mcast="-net -iface vlan0"

Anyone want to risk attempting recreation while I rebuild my now dead 

Jeff Anton