List Mail Formatting Netiquette [ie: 870 QVO]

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 20:02:45 UTC
On 4/7/22, <> wrote:
> I answer below in bold blue for instance...
> for better seeing my answers....

While you may think that helps people, in reality it does
not, and it actually makes peoples mails much worse for the
proper text based email using world, and sits among other
random formats that randoms try to stuff down other peoples
mailboxes, and they might not even show up in search engines,
archives, onscreen, phones, etc. Read up on classic proper
email formatting netiquette where, for very good reasons,
it tells everyone to... turn off HTML mail, and to quit top
posting and quit bulk quoting, and to trim what you're
replying to down to only the relevant minimum context while
writing your replies underneath that, and to delete addressees
already present within list addresses, and to quit SHOUTING
ALL CAPS, and to wrap non-code lines at around 68 chars,
and to not break header threading (in-reply-to and references)
when replying.  This reminder actually for all lists and senders.




Import the raw archives into your MUA to see
even worse unreadably formatted things,
and nice clean things too...

rsync -nHaxi

Use the clean habit mailiquette rules to make reading
the world better for everyone :)