Re: Patched gpsd and /dev/pps0 results in "sleeping thread" kernel panic

From: Craig Leres <>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2021 13:33:35 -0700
When will the resulting fix appear in released/patched versions of 
FreeBSD 12 and 13? I'm asking with the agenda of wanting to have an 
optional patch for astro/gpsd that allows use of /dev/pps0 but would 
like some way to test that kernel has potentially been fixed or at least 
being able to add something to pkg-message (e.g. "don't enable PPSFIX 
unless you have applied the kernel patch from D31763 or are running 
12.2-RELEASE-p11/13.0-RELEASE-p? or newer").

Received on Thu Sep 02 2021 - 20:33:35 UTC

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