Re: Patched gpsd and /dev/pps0 results in "sleeping thread" kernel panic

From: Craig Leres <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2021 10:28:38 -0700
On 9/1/21 8:07 AM, Ian Lepore wrote:
> Warner, I pointed out a small change needed to your proposed patch in
> D31763.

I was able to figure out what to change and am happy to report that it 
solves the kernel panic; thanks! Now I'm back to only fighting with gpsd.

Are the other calls to pps_init() ok?

     steel 183 # find . -name '*.c' | xargs fgrep -w pps_init
     ./dev/sio/sio.c:        pps_init(&com->pps);
     ./i386/i386/elan-mmcr.c:        pps_init(&elan_pps);
     ./kern/kern_tc.c:pps_init(struct pps_state *pps)
     ./kern/kern_tc.c:       pps_init(pps);

I've attached my working version of the patch.


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