Re: Reasons for keeping sc(4) and libvgl ?

From: Eugene Grosbein <>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 11:41:55 UTC
27.11.2021 2:06, Stefan Blachmann wrote:

> When time comes and I have to buy computers that do no longer support
> CSM, I'll look into the sc source to add a VGA BIOS interrupt call to
> change from UEFI graphics to text mode at initialization time.
> This should be sufficient to support sc on UEFI machines.
> Actually I do not understand why this has not yet been done.
> Do you think such a patch to make sc work on UEFI systems would be
> accepted into FreeBSD?

I've been told there are UEFI variants that do not support old text mode at all.