Re: Reasons for keeping sc(4) and libvgl ?

From: Eugene Grosbein <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021 16:06:10 UTC
26.11.2021 22:04, Emmanuel Vadot wrote:
>  Hello all,
>  I'm currently re-implementing the framebuffer code in linuxkpi for
> drm-kmod and this made me look at sc(4), vt(4) and friends.
>  So I looked at what sc could do and vt couldn't and vice-versa.
>  What sc(4) can't do :
>  - Support UTF-8

This is not true. I tested UTF-8 support with sc(4) in FreeBSD 8 and it worked fine.
It required some kernel options:

options VESA
options         TEKEN_XTERM
options         TEKEN_UTF8

And optionally for /boot/device.hints:"0x180"		# switch to graphics mode at boot time"0x1F0"	# preferred framebuffer video mode code

And the port sysutils/jfbterm to render fonts.