Re: Retiring WITHOUT_CXX

From: Rodney W. Grimes <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021 09:09:21 UTC
> Several base system components are written in C++, and the WITHOUT_CXX
> option is not regularly tested and is often broken. I fixed a number

That is not a true statement, the WITHOUT_CXX option is regularly
tested, as that is why Michael Dexter has reported that it is
broken, as he *regularly* runs the Build Option Survey.

> of WITHOUT_CXX issues in response to Michael Dexter's recent Build
> Option Survey runs, but it will break again absent ongoing effort.
> This does not seem like a useful endeavour given the limitations it
> imposes on the resulting system.
> I'm proposing we remove the WITHOUT_CXX option and have opened a
> review to do so:

So is the feature model of FreeBSD becoming, oh it gets broken
cause it is not regularly tested, so lets remove that feature.
This seams to becoming more and more the norm.

Rod Grimes