Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Miroslav Lachman <>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 00:49:16 UTC
On 24/11/2021 00:28, Shawn Webb wrote:


> 3. jail orchestration in base. it's great that we have all these
>     disparate jail management ports, but we lack a fully
>     coherent/integreated solution. I'd love to see jail orchestration
>     get the same love as zfs in base.

While we are talking about jail orchestration in base (which will be 
really useful to me as well) I would like to see better integration of 
jail in more aspects in base. Jails are part of the base for more than a 
decade but still kind of hidden (similar to cpuset - many users don't 
know about it / how to use it easily).

Alexander Leidinger posted proposal in 2019 "automatic jailing of 
services (rc.d/*)" [1] with patch [2]. This seems useful and easy to 
implement in base to me.
As far as I know, Alexander also have patch to allow run Xorg in jail.

As for cpuset thing - 11 years ago I proposed patch to add support for 
cpuset in rc.subr for any service [3] PR 142434 [4]. I think it is even 
more useful these days as computers have really a lot of CPU cores.


Kind regards
Miroslav Lachman