Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 11:09:45 UTC

The device drivers are required to be "root" to implement them .
Instead of ONLY this , the following steps may be performed :

If the "user" ( being non-"root" ) attaches a device to the computer , the
OS looks at
a "user" space directory ( imitation of system-wise directory but in the
"user" space )
if there is a driver for the device in that directory , it loads and uses
it .
If there is not any device driver for the device in "user" directory , it
looks into the system directory .
If there is one , it loads and uses it , else it gives an error message .

To manage such "user" space devices , the OS needs to have the ability to
look at the "user" space .
This may be complemented by removing device drivers from the base system ,
and making them , let's say ,
ports or packages .

The root loads the necessary ones from the system directories , but the
"user" may have the ability to load them
from her or his directories .

Another important problem is mounting of  hard disks connected through a
USB port or a hot-pluggable port .
Such connections ( excluding  if DOS or NTFS ones are permitted implicitly
) require a "root" mount . There is an idea
"Use sudo or other super user programs for "allowance" of "root" user" . In
my life , I never could understand
"How is it possible  to manage to protect the security of a system by using
such a facility from the "user" space ? "

Is it not possible to allow the user to use a mount command for such
non-DOS or non-NTFS devices ?
Why is it necessary to have a fear about such mounting ?
Please do NOT forget that the computer is available to the user  PHYSICALLY
. He ( let's assume he may use violence )
can destroy , crash , burn , ... ,  etc. , the computer PHYSICALLY . Such a
possibility is not considered , but an innocent
"user" space mount is assumed to be harmful .


Device definitions are stored as C program  data or constant values .
Make these as configuration files with ( names which can be generated from
the recognized device parameters )  and loaded
in run time when it is needed .
In that way it will be possible to introduce new device
definitions/descriptions/drivers only by copying its device description
into the relevant
directory whether it is "root" or "user" directory .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 1:42 AM Joseph Mingrone <> wrote:

> Hello FreeBSD community,
> The Foundation is seeking suggestions for new projects to support.  What
> gaps in the Project are not being addressed by the broader community?
> You can read about past Foundation-supported projects at
> and the Foundation's
> four main areas of focus in the 'Technology Roadmap' article at
> Right now we are gathering ideas.  We will send out a call for project
> grant proposals soon.  If you prefer to send your project ideas directly
> to the Foundation, we will be monitoring responses at
> --
> Joe (with Foundation hat on)