Re: Various problems with 13.0 amd64 on

From: Mark Delany <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 01:45:19 UTC
On 21Apr21, Mark Delany allegedly wrote:
> On 20Apr21, Freddie Cash allegedly wrote:
> > If you re-write your rules to use the in-kernel libalias support instead of
> > divert sockets sending traffic to natd, does it stay up while passing IPv4
> > traffic?
> > 
> > That would help narrow it down even further to natd issues.
> I've not used the in-kernel NAT support before so it'll take me a little while, but I'll
> give it a shot and report back.

Well, lucky me, I no longer need to do this as it looks like the problem was fixed in
13.0-RELEASE-p1 as part of an Errata fixed for "Kernel double free when transmitting on a
divert socket".

I tested with the new kernel and now running natd no longer causes a kernel panic.

My one remaining beef with 13.0 relates to vultr more than anything else in that FBSD
doesn't reboot when requested. It gets into some late-stage of the shutdown process and
just spins on CPU. I can live with this one, but will keep an eye on it.